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Friday, December 10, 2021

Blossom Springs is a Luxurious Assisted Living community available to seniors located in southeast Michigan.  Great location for senior families from Auburn Hills, Oakland Township, Oakland County, Rochester Hills, and Rochester communities. Our amenities and services are designed for your senior loved ones who need extra help with daily tasks. Blossom Springs is a secure establishment, so we can assure you your loved one will remain safe around the clock.

Blossom Springs is a perfect place for someone who is getting over an illness, surgery, or injury, in addition to seniors with Dementia. Not only does each resident get their own personalized care, but they get their own beautiful living area, where they can live independently.

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Assisted living facilities are convenient and designed to improve residents’ quality of life. Some families find that it’s not an option to look after their loved ones 24/7 at home, and that’s OK. According to A Place For Mom, our seniors would rather live at an assisted living facility, if they can no longer live at home. Of course, we want our loved ones to live at home for as long as their health allows. However, here at Blossom Springs, we provide resources and amenities to keep your family member engaged and safe.

Resources at Blossom Springs

A nurturing team of professionals who are there for every resident’s needs 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The staff has a specialization in Dementia and Memory Care, in addition to preparing residents to get back on their feet and encouraging independence after setbacks.

Plenty of activities, such as art therapy and music therapy, to promote self-support.

Registered dietitians work with our restaurants to ensure residents get three beneficial gourmet meals.

Exercise programs, such as activities for the brain, to keep residents active and involved.

Social opportunities to engage residents.

Amenities at Blossom Springs

Salon services, safe walkways, beautiful gardens

Tranquility rooms, sunrooms, and family rooms

Transportation to-and-from appointments

Housekeeping and laundry services so residents can live a convenient lifestyle

Wellness programs to improve the mind

Residents can access every amenity both on site and our sister community, Blossom Ridge.

Blossom Springs facility is located in the great community of Oakland Township, in Rochester, Michigan, and is only one mile from Blossom Ridge, our sister assisted living facility. Oakland Township is the fourth safest community in The United States, and the number one safest township in Michigan. Around our neighborhood, residents can see gorgeous views, wildlife and nature, and astounding buildings.

We know putting your loved one in an assisted living facility can be a tough decision, but here at Blossom Springs, your family will be safe and well taken of. Stop losing sleep from worrying if your loved one is getting the right care they deserve. Seniors at Blossom Springs are given the opportunity to live a happier and SAFER life.

Whenever you and your loved one are ready to make the move to an assisted living facility, we’re here.   For additional details about all our communities and development here at the Blossom Collection, give us a call at (248) 759-8500, or kindly fill out the contact form on our website!

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