Healthy Aging by Staying Active

Wednesday, April 20, 2022

As people age, they experience various life changes.  What steps can an adult take to support healthy aging and remain active?  When we think of aging healthy, we think of eating a healthy diet and exercising.  These are all logical thoughts, however there are other ways to age healthy, both physically and mentally.  When seniors participate in activities, they enjoy – they are helping to maintain their overall well-bell.   This leads to a longer lifespan, happier demeanor, less likely to experience depression or develop certain diseases, such as dementia.

Staying active in ways that are meaningful and purposeful have positive results!  Someone who takes part in an activity improves their quality of life.  Studies show that people who are social, generous, and set goals, tend to be happier and less depressed.   According to The National Institute on Aging at NIH, studies prove that isolation can lead to depression, and this is not good for your overall health.  If you are socially isolated or lonely, it can put your mental and physical health at risk, cause anxiety and depression, increase length of hospital stays and readmissions, but most importantly can lead to an earlier death than someone who has an active and meaningful lifestyle.

The following story about Monica, is a testament to the benefits of staying active as we age.

Monica and her husband were married for 56 years before he passed away.  After his passing, Monica’s family noticed that she had become withdrawn and forgetful, and every time they came to visit, she was still in her pajamas regardless of the time of day.  After some encouragement, they were able to convince Monica to volunteer 1 day a week at the local animal shelter to get her out of the house and socializing.  What they didn’t expect what for this simple addition to her weekly schedule was a complete life changer for Monica.  By donating her time to the humane society, Monica had a reason to get up and dressed on her volunteer day and started to socialize with her coworkers.  Before long, Monica’s family noticed a change in her behavior and attitude.  She started making plans again, joined a card club and took a girl’s weekend away.  By volunteering her time to do something that brought her joy, it also helped Monica to begin the healing process from the loss of her husband.

There are a lot of activities that aging adults can do regardless of their physical or cognitive challenges that can maintain or enhance their lives.  Tender Hearts Therapeutic Arts & Crafts, located in Southfield, MI, is a one-of-a-kind social work based company that uses interactive tools to help seniors cope with illness.  Dawn Lupcke, Owner of Tender Hearts explains, “art, crafts, games, and any interactive activity can be powerful tools that help us connect and communicate with seniors meeting them where they are at in life’s journey.  Dawn goes on to comment, “an aging adult who stays active, is proactively reducing the risk of certain diseases, improving mental health and cognitive function, creating stronger social connections, and improving their quality of life.”

So staying active is not only good for aging adults, but fun too!  Engaging in a new activity should be something that feels good and brings joy!  This is about living your best life!

The Blossom Collection of Inspired Senior Living is the Choice for Active Living.  Our campuses provide life enrichment activities, resort style amenities, resident clubs, social events and so much more.  The Blossom Collection is there for you when things change, meeting your needs without separating you from the people and activities you care about.  Our living options include Active Adult Living, Independent Living, Assisted Living, Memory Care and Respite Care. 

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