Why You Should Consider Assisted Living & Memory Care for a Loved One

Friday, May 27, 2022

Care for dementia and Alzheimer’s is no easy task. Yet, countless sons and daughters take on this responsibility out of necessity. As the number of people affected continues to rise with an aging population, it is more important than ever to provide the best possible support.

That is why we encourage families to consider Assisted Living at Blossom Springs with a focus on Memory Care.

Our communities in the Rochester and Oakland County area offer a more secure place to live and meet others in a similar position. The community is a safer bubble than their old home, with protective measures to provide the best assistive living possible for vulnerable seniors. This is sure to provide greater consistency and quality of care for residents struggling to manage on their own. It also removes some of the strain you may experience as a family member and the stress of acting as a caregiver with minimal support or facilities at hand.

Specialized memory care communities are the way forward for dementia support.

The team at Blossom Springs Memory Care community is on-hand to provide life-enhancing care that residents can rely on. Providing fulfilling and secure daily life experiences as possible in their later years. We want to ensure that this transition is the perfect next step for all involved, with no concerns about how loved ones with cope ever again.

We work hard to offer a safety net to ensure that all residents with memory issues get the support that they need. Our staff will check in regularly with residents, ensuring that they are keeping on top of their healthcare, daily regimes, and anything else they need to do. This can extend to higher levels of personal care and support and help with meals. These personalized services mean all residents get individual tailored care.

At the heart of all this is a sense of routine and structure. This pattern is important for those with cognitive issues and adds some further comfort and stability. The last thing that residents need in this safe new environment is any sort of surprise that causes distress or confusion. Effective memory care improves the quality of life of dementia patients.

Also, the more comfortable patients are to communicate, and the more opportunities given, the better able they are to interact with others and enjoy their later years. Sometimes all it takes is to have someone there to listen to a story, ask the right question, or play the right piece of music. It is like finding a long-lost key to something magical.

Could your loved one benefit from staying at Blossom Springs Memory Care Community?

You may wonder if it is the right time to sign your family member up to memory care neighborhoods like this. Consider their current behavior at home. Are they prone to wandering off, forgetting their medication, or at risk in other ways? Also, how is the situation affecting you, your lifestyle, health, and mental health? If you feel that the time has come to consider memory care assistive living more carefully, give us a call to learn more.


At Blossom Springs, your family will be safe and well taken of. Stop losing sleep from worrying if your loved one is getting the right care they deserve. Seniors at Blossom Springs are given the opportunity to live a happier and SAFER life.

Whenever you and your loved one are ready to make the move to an assisted living community, we’re here.   For additional details about all our communities and development here at the Blossom Collection, give us a call at (248) 601-0505 or kindly fill out the contact form on our website!

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